Everything is decided by the core competitive power, human resource, technology and managment.

Company culture is the driving force to delelop. One basis of traditional culture, Liaoyuan company gears the needs of the world.

Inheeriting the traditional culture and firmly holding the Sino foreign complementary principle.

Liaoyuan people open eyes on the world and the fulture to build an unique enterprise culture.

We firmly practice the goodness first and benefit the employees and customers as well as society feedback.

Thus we work steadily to practice sharing society responsbility during the enterprise development.

【Liaoyuan Service Tenst】Honesty First, Quality Foremost.

【Liaoyuan Spirit】Honest, Delicate, High efficient and Pragmatic.

【Liaoyuan Management Principle】Developments way depends on the concept and wealth comes out of goos faith.

【Liaoyuan Management Belief】Establish LIAOYUAN brand for satisfaction of customers.

【Liaoyuan Values】Reciprocal

【Liaoyuan Resource Viewpoint】Respect of person with ability and appoint people by abilities.

【Liaoyuan Service Principle】Make professional into Classic.

【Liaoyuan Service Spirit】Enthusiasm, Servant and Faithfulness.

【Liaoyuan Target】To establish NO. 1 brand of China Road Construction Machinery




Nanyang Loosen Industrial Zone, Henan, China